5 Tips For a Good Traffic Sources For Online Marketer

5 Tips For a Good Traffic Sources For Online Marketer
5 Tips For a Good Traffic Sources For Online Marketer

There are hundreds, and hundreds of different traffic sources you can buy from. I know it can be overwhelming, One of the biggest issues in business is what I call “concentration of risks.” It means if your main traffic source isn’t working for you, then you have other options.

1. The Type of Audience

What kind of audience does ESPN have? Probably men that are into sports. Do you think advertising women’s shoes would be effective? Nah.Understand the kind of audience your traffic source has.

Ngo Tip: You can ask your traffic source for a report on which countries they have the most volume in. Sometimes they can even give you more detailed information such as age, gender, and other demographic information.

If you have a great offer to promote to Singapore, wouldn’t it make sense to only work with traffic sources with significant Singaporean traffic?

 2. The Targeting Options

Targeting is your ability to promote your ads to a select portion of the audience. The more targeting options the traffic source has, the better.

Some examples of targeting options

  • Age
  • Gender
  • The state they’re in
  • Their favorite television shows
  • The time of the day they’re viewing your ad

Targeting lets you promote to the most profitable segments.

Imagine if you had a pet walking business.

You spend $100 for 1000 flyers. You want to put the flyers in the places where your audience are most likely to be.

Putting them around Groceries stores and Walmart MAY work, but they can be even more targeted.

You can put them around pet stores, dog parks, and veterinarians.

 3. The Costs

Each traffic source also has different ways to pay (different bidding models).One site might be overpriced due to the competition. Another one might be a “hidden gem” and have plenty of high converting sites.

 4. Rules and Regulations

This is huge. Some traffic sources are more strict than others. That means you’re limited to what you can promote.

 5. The Amount of Traffic Available

Not every traffic source is capable of generating 5-figures a day. I always tell people to go big.

Hint: If you’re a newbie, don’t worry about hitting the big numbers. Big paydays will come later. Focus on making your first $100 a day.

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