Apple Sandwiches Recepi For Your Kids Breakfast Or After School Snacks

Apple Sandwiches Recepi For Your Kids
Apple Sandwiches Recepi For Your Kids

What’s the principal thing your children say when they return home from school? In the event that they are as it mine’s, “What’s for Snack?” regardless I got back home from school starving – particularly in the event that you had the early lunch time frame at 10:45!

This apple sandwich is fun and solid! It’s ideal for a brisk morning breakfast or a yummy evening nibble to hold them over until supper; you can even put together in a lunch box. You should simply take your apple, cut it into cuts and best it with nutty spread, granola, and smaller than expected chocolate chips {also attempt raisins, nuts, coconut, or cinnamon; be as inventive as you like!}

Let your little ones spread the nutty spread and sprinkle the granola – they will love them much more.

P.S. You truly don’t need to have children to appreciate these delectable little sandwiches – I adore them for breakfast and in some cases lunch !

Apple Sandwiches

Apple Sandwiches Recepi For Your Kids
Apple Sandwiches Recepi For Your Kids
Fixings :
  • 1 huge apple
  • nutty spread
  • granola
  • smaller than usual chocolate chips or raisins, nuts, coconut, cinnamon, and so forth.
Bearings :
  • Wash and cut apple into 4 cuts. Center the apple with an apple corer or a little treat cutter will work. {You could cut fun shapes like stars and hearts.} Spread nutty spread on one cut. Sprinkle with granola and chocolate chips. Top with another cut of apple.
  • Note: If you need to prepare these in a lunch box, brush every apple cut with lemon juice to shield it from turning dark colored.

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