Top 5 Successful Online Entrepreneurs You Should Be Following

There isn’t a single entrepreneur out there that can’t benefit from some extra inspiration and motivation. We can all learn something by following successful individuals. It sparks inspiration and learning from their real-life business experiences can help us all on our own entrepreneurial journeys.

Top 5 Successful Online Entrepreneurs
Top 5 Successful Online Entrepreneurs

1.Tim Seidler

Tim Seidler is a husband and father of two children that used online entrepreneurship to completely turn his life around. He was once in a place that many individuals find themselves — utilities turned off and bills he couldn’t pay. He did something that many don’t have the courage to do — Seidler quit his job and put 100 percent of his time and effort into creating an online income, recently selling a portfolio of websites for six figures!

Through his website, Get Niche Quick, Seidler blogs about the highs and lows of his entrepreneurial journey. His transparent approach is beneficial, as entrepreneurs will see that there are good days and bad days in any business. Seidler shares his current and future projects and also openly discusses his income — sharing both his best monthly earnings as well as daily earnings. There definitely isn’t a lack of inspiration and I highly recommend following Seidler’s online business journey.

2.Jeff Taylor

As CEO of DEVISE, Jeff Taylor has extensive experience building profitable online businesses. What began as a web design and marketing firm eventually transformed into an entity that creates, markets, monetizes and then eventually sells websites. Taylor and his partner Evan Lisabeth have the ability to grow online businesses at an incredible rate.

Taylor stresses the importance of taking action immediately, stating, “I’ve had thousands of ideas, but unless you put action behind them, nothing will come of the idea. There’s no reason to wait for the perfect time to start a project. Start working on it today.”

I have first hand knowledge of his success, as my company brokered the sale of a seven-figure website Taylor’s team created.

3.Steve Rendell

Steve Rendell is the man behind Texfly, an online resource for entrepreneurs who are interested in creating profitable niche websites and ranking them high in search results using the power of private blog networks. Rendell’s website stands out because he isn’t afraid to talk about what really works.

Several SEO professionals will dance around the topic of private blog networks, instead just saying that quality content should be the main focus. Well, private blog networks rank websites and many of the elite SEOs use the same methods — they just don’t openly discuss it. The blog and private blog network blueprint that Rendell makes accessible on Texfly are well worth the read and something anyone with an online presence will benefit from greatly.

4.Tung Tran

To be successful online you have to have a strong understanding of how to rank organically in the search results. This is beneficial to entrepreneurs that want to start their own online-based businesses as well as those that want to rank their brick-and-mortar business websites. Tung Tran is an online entrepreneur that documents his success and strategy on Cloud Living.

Tran discusses how to start an online business and how to drive traffic using several strategies. I hear so many people talk about how they would love to earn a living through an online business but they aren’t sure where to start. It’s entrepreneurs like Tran that provide the inspiration and hand-holding that helps numerous people become successful online business owners.

5.Melanie Duncan

Melanie Duncan is a true inspiration to entrepreneurs around the world. She cites the following as a problem many of us have: “If you don’t learn how to effectively work ‘on’ your business, instead of ‘in’ your business, you will never be able to strategically grow and you’ll sacrifice the quality of life you deserve.”

Follow Duncan closely and you’ll learn all about growing your online business. With a weekly newsletter and regular blog posts, there is just the right amount of content to properly digest and apply before moving onto the next!

For those of you still grinding out 80 hours a week, that quote will resonate deeply with you.

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