Top 5 Bloggs On Online Money Making

Last year, I shared the top 5 money-making blog niches of 2015, and it continues to be one of our top posts to this day. Blogs about health, blogging, technology, money, and personality development topped the list last year–shall we see how they measure up in 2016?

To come up with an updated list, I did some intensive study of multiple resources, including:

Top 5 Bloggs On Online Money Making
Top 5 Bloggs On Online Money Making


We’ve had a self-improvement category on this site since Heidi first launched, but now we’re specifying “self-improvement” to include health, fitness, wellness, and food blogs that focus on more natural ingredients (such as vegan, vegetarian, particular healthy diets due to health restrictions, more natural organic living, and living a healthy and fit lifestyle that is practical and obtainable).


Gadgets, electronics, apps, software, platforms, etc. It’s no surprise that this niche for tech news sites is on the rise. Whenever you read something on one of these sites, you’re more than inclined to see what its competitor is saying.


My biggest pet peeve, which I shared once on IFB, continues to this today: writing a blog strictly for ads, ad networks, and fashion links. It’s such hard work! This kind of blogging needs to have a massive traffic load every. Single. Day. to succeed, which is not the ideal for which you should strive. You’d need a team to maintain and grow; a consistently loyal following and massive traffic to maintain; tons of research to stay on trends or predict trends so people keep clicking on your links and making purchases… And pay-per-action, rather than pay-per-click, is extremely difficult to convert, too.

That’s why I believe (as all the Make Money bloggers listed in Category #1 promote) that diversified passive income revenue streams—meaning an email list, information products, and/or affiliate marketing—are the best internet marketing principles for sustainable businesses that will actually start making you money shortly after you launch a new site.


Finally, the Number 5 top niche of 2016! I attribute this to the rise of the Maker Movement with sites like Etsy and Craftsy. If you’re a craft, DIY, or home decor blogger, now is your time!

  1. A Beautiful Mess – The sisters! Who doesn’t follow them? They do a bit of everything—infoproducts, products, subscription boxes, courses, livestreams—making them two smart sisters worth reading over and over again!
  2. A House that Lars Built – If you’ve never heard of this blog, just hop on over now.
  3. The Wonder Forest – A smart blogger, gorgeous designer, and just a darling to read.
  4. Studio DIY – Beware—very colorful, very fun, very lively! …End of warning!
  5. Just a Girl and Her Blog – Just a sweet gal, you’ll enjoy smiling alongside her friendly posts


Jumping from number 4 on our list last year, the number one blogging niche for 2016 is making money online. This includes blogs about:

  • Smart Passive Income – Because every blogger needs to build smart passive income streams now! Pat Flynn is the master of Monthly Income and Traffic Reports.
  • Neil Patel – Simply explore Neil’s website and blog to get a feel for why he’s on this list.
  • ProBlogger – No aspiring blogger eager to make it big should go without reading ProBlogger.
  • Entrepreneurs Journey – My personal blog coach from way back in 2006, Yaro is someone everyone should read.
    Making money blogging gets a lot easier when you have good advice and the right toolkit.
  • Daily Blog Tips – While Daniel doesn’t write as often, this has been a non-stop read of mine since 2004.
  • OnBlastBlog – This guide on monetization from OnBlastBlog is visually stimulating and covers it all, from varying your income streams to giving yourself some peace of mind by taking time to breathe and outsource.

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